- Stand up, attention!.............
Oh, damn, what am I talking about?
Hi, kids!
Today, kids, we are going to be talking about online pornography and all it entails...

So, pornography. It's not only all about photo and videos featuring naked and fucking people. It's also about their stories. However our English is not that good, so I'll skip the story-making stuff. We'd better be considering video and photo in this class. We are also going to be talking how to turn a buck out of it.

I'm warning you in advance that we'll be considering illegal ways of how mo make money. He we mean kiddy porn, SPAM, animal sex, scat eating, credit card fraud, raping, cheating and so on. So we'll be examining common ways of how to make money out of porno content.

All this stuff can be split into the so-called "niches". The very first gradation here is gay and straight content that can be subdivided into niches, for example, anal sex (that is pictures featuring hardcore anal sex), pissing (that is content featuring pissing girls in "staright" niches and pissing guys in "gay" niches). It's up to you to make your mind about what you're going to work with.

Moving on... To get down to business we're going to need some tools. Please make sure you have them all for our next class!

1. A domain.

2. A hosting provider to host your domain.

3. An email account ending with your domain name.

You can choose a web hosting provider yourself, however you may want to start using your sponsor's hosting for starters.  But you'll have to buy a domain. You can do it through me at http://www.domainname4you.com . If someone has no money for it - loan some from your elder brother. Those who don't have one, can use mine for free as an exception for a limited period of time.-)

For the next class you'll have to register with your sponsor. That is the assignment. Go here and get a new webmaster registration - http://adultpartnership.com/?wm=sebasta

As an  example let's get down to adverting the paysite http://oldslippers.com/ , to do it, you'll have to download some free content with banners and site descriptions here http://adultpartnership.com/promo.html

Well, that's it for today. Got any questions?

- What are FHGs? Where did you come across this word? Right here........ in the promo section. I'll tell you about it next time, try to decide which niches you're going to work with for now...

That's it, scoot!


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