- Hello, kids. Who is responsible for the chalkboard today? Today we're going to use it a lot. We're going to talk about galleries. I have checked ut your recent home assignnments and you all did well, but for Butthead. And I was just wondering who the fuck put nails on the teacher's chair?! Do you think I'm blind or what? You can only get away with that if you tell me the top 100 TGPs after class.

-So, galleries... Bofere this class we tried our hand at building picture galleries. But there are also cooler ones - movie galleries. In these galleries thumbnails link not to pictures but movies.

Let's talk about thumbnails first. Movie thumbnails should be bigger then picture ones. Movie thumbnails are usually made from movie still images. It's required by rules that there should be at least 4 videos with at least 10 seconds of rntime each. It's perfect top have 6 videos of 600-1000 kb in size and with 15 second of runtime. Sometime there are people who want to put out a feature film, but they are very few.

As far as format types go, mpeg or wmw are usualy used. You can use avi but not all MPG owners appreciate it. For video editing I'd recommend to use only these two programs - Adobe Premier and Virtual Dub . Here you can do almost anything you wish. :-)

Then we upload it all onto the server. Then we look for bugs and broken links. Then we submit our gallery to different TGPs or MPGs. All the big ones we submit manually.

- Got any questions? What is an MPG? What do you think it is? You had to read up on it! Don't be asking stupid questions. A TGP stands for a movie partner gallery.

Any more questions? Mary, a good one! Can we use pictures in movie galleries? You can. When they are combined sometimes, like in this example here  http://www.hogtied.info/fuckedandbound/03/hun.html

To make five movie galleries is you home assignment. Don't bring me a disk, upload it on server.


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