-Hello kids! Todd, quit hitting on your neighbor. She doesn't want you, you don't have to a scientist to figure it out.

So today I'm going to tell you what we need and FHG for. And FHG stand for a free hosted gallery. That means that they are free ready galleries provided by a sponsor. But they can't be posted in TGPs because they have more ads and less content. FHGs are are made for CJs. A CJ is a site that looks like a TGP but it is different with different purposes.

Let's check out this example. Todd, imagine Mary came over to your place stayed there for half an hour and left. Whether you fucked her or not - it's all up to your imagination because it' another story. Let's say Mary was gone and you were left alone with a pile of porn magazines. Or there's another version. For example, you're sending Mary over to your friend that you agreed before with. You tell her something like: "He's got Quake 4" or something. So, Mary goes to your friend Dicklickey then. What?! He isn't one of your friends? Okay, let's take Butthead instead. Mary goes over to his place, and he's sending a girl he told bullshit to. A new girl comes over, you offer her some tea, tell her some bullshit and send her over to your other friend, who send his own girl in return.

That's the way CJs work. Let's say you have some visitor traffic (in or example, it's Mary). You bullshit them with the advertisements on your CJ and that looks like a TGP, you offer them to click on links. People click and go to the next CJ you're sharing visitors with (sharing visitors like you were sharing girls with Todd). You get visitor traffic from other CJ through trading. Moreover, you can send Mary not nly to Butthead. As a rule, CJ visitors click more than once, so you'll get more than just one visitor. So more and more visitors should be coming to your site.

But in our examople Mary and the other girls will soon tell us to fuck off and they will be right, being sick of running around. Imagine a situation, a girl come over to your house, and you tell her right away "Want to fuck? Oh, you don't? Go to Butthead then, he wanted to tell you something..." A decent guy wouldn't do so. He'll at least offer some hot tea to a chilled out lady. So, in our story FHGs act like tea and cookies in CJs. That means not all the links should lead to your friendly CJs, and some of them (that go first) should lead to real content.

Naturally, a script does all the distribution work. There's a load of CJ scripts. Each of them has plusses and minuses. I'd personally recommend to use my friend's script here . There you'll also find some terminology for those who want to learn more about CJs.

Your homework for tomorrow. Who said to fuck Mary? Butthead was that you? No? Todd? No/ You're killing me with you comments. Now go and have a break.


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