Morning Kids!

Today we are going to learn how to make a gallery. For TGP... Why a gallery and why for TGP? Because it's the easiest way to get visitors.

What is a TGP and what is visitor traffic? A TGP is a Thumbnail Gallery Post - a site with links to galleries. In galleries we have pictures and videos featuring people fucking. Here we should also have a link to the sponsor's site. So that visitors can click on the paysite that contains the adverter's ID when they are done checking out free galleries. Here is an example, Vizitor traffic means visitors going from site to site.

So, what is an ID? If I gonna be asking all your fucking questions, this class is never gonna end... In this case our ID is luzrer, the same the membership login.

To make a gallery we'll need some software - an HTML editor. I use Namo WebEditor even for working with pictures It can also be PhotoShop or something for fast thumbnail making. Here SmartSaver can come in handy.

So, first we pick 20 or 30 good quality pictures out of your content. Then we make thumbnails for these pictures. A thumbnail is the same picture as the original but smaller in resolution and size.  But here we have to get a happy medium, we have to compress our thmbnails so they are small in size and of good quality. This can be a good example of a thumbnail - tumb

And I almost forgot! Don't give simple file names like 1.jpg , 2.jpg or something like that, the file name should match the gallery content. In our case it's the word "anal". We'll need that later to attract search engine visitors.

Then we'll be decorating our gallery. Here you can you all your imagination. But remember that your gallery design should be simple and let transfer the site visitors to the sponsor's paysite. To attract visitors put up no more than two banner and/or text sponsor links. It's normally two or four of links at the top of the gallery. Some galleries do not require that, but here you should check out specific rules for each TPG. Here is also one general rule - all the gallery links should open in the same window.

Now let's try to make our gallery visible for search engines. In the banner description write the pay site key phrases, and in thumbnail description write key words like anal, porn, maids and so on. Then we make metatags. The outcome will look something like this

What was that? What are metatags ? Fuck this, run over to this class - .Where the fuck you're all running to? What ? The bell? Then fuck off and get a break. We'll get on with our stuff after it.


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