So, finally we got a gallery made. GOOD JOB! Especially Little Johnny, you got a real-looking butt in shape of a banner...I mean...a banner in shape of a butt. Anyway a very creative approach...

Now we have to multiply all our stuff. You'd ask why? TGPs are overrunning the net. And almost every TGP needs its own gallery and sponsor links. And also a couple of links to other paysites, to say nothing of links to other TGPs. So what is it we're supposed to do? It's easy - you should make copies of your HTML files with only one difference in code, with different sponsor links for different TGPs...

- Hey, Todd.........quit hitting your classmate on the head with the dirty magazine. Shut  the fuck up! Now let's get on with the class.

So, we have to make a load of almost similar files for thousands of various TGPs. If we do it manually, it'll take a lot of time. For this purpose some smarties developed software programs called TGP-submitters. And in almost any TGP-submitter there is a function to make these HTML files we need. We'll take as an example my Siberian friends' software - Here's, by the way, a new home assignment for you - to download a trial version and figure out how it works. Here is also a  FAQ -

Let's imagine that we got a full version of this submitter and generated a fucking lot of galleries with its help. How we upload it all to our server. Make a folder in the domain root, and make folder 1 inside that folder. Upload all reciprocal links into the root domain folder, and all the pictures and thumbnails and generated HTMLs go into folder 1. Then go check how this all looks in your browser, and, oh, miracle! It all works! :)

Then we submit these galleries using a perfect program for it GSS submitter. I'd recommend to submit bigger TGPs manually though. Moreover in TGPs like Hun , Al4 or Worldsex one webmaster can submit one gallery once in one or three days.

For instance, go to the Hun submit page Fill out the fields, don't forget you nickname, the gallery URL with reciprocal link to The Hun, your email and a short description of what is going on in your gallery. Something like Kerry is fucking Lara in the ass. And it all should be in English. Then you hit the submit button.. The Hun's script takes yor information and then you see a field where you have to write the word written next to it. Word in the box above  Write this word and click on "verify" . That's it, you've submitted successfully. The time you get submitted you'll receive an email asking to confirm your submitting. Click on it and you'll get more thanks from the Hun. Submitters also have built-in confirmers that can automatically click on links in your emails for confirmation.

Here's one important thing. Kids, DO NOT rename files after you upload them on your server. Double check everything before you submit!

Once you posted your gallery, you can forget about it, now it's all up to the TGP owners to decide if your gallery can be accepted or not. Moreover, many of those approved have to prove that they are decent people and claim partnership accounts. You have to send letters with the examples of your work, pointing out that your gallery is listed at The Hun, refer to authoritative friends and so on. And as a result if you get a lot of partnership accounts you'll get a lot of visitors to your site.

Well, I guess that's it for today. GSS trial version is your homework. And please, take it all serious. We'll be having a test on this topic. The class is over. Todd, I'll have to take your magazine away. Any more prank like this, I'll be talking to your parents!


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