- Weeeeeel, who the fuck put a pin on the teacher's chair??? Butthead is that you? No? So why the fuck are you staring? I'll deal with it after class...

So, class, today we are going to learn about link lists and freesites for these link lists. Examples - Penisbot , Wetplace or HQpornlinks .What's a link list? Roughly speaking it's a TGP, but here links go not to one-page galleries, but sites. They could be paysites, AVSs or freesites. All the links in link lists are sorted according to niches and sub niches. There is a site description, its rating and all other catalogue features. Link lists consume less traffic than TGPs, but it's a different kind of traffic. Link lists are good for search engines due to key words. And so freesites posted on these link lists can spread through search engines well.

So, we have to make freesites for our link lists. What is this freesite made up of? It is made up of a warning page, a main page and a couple of galleries. I hope ypu remeber that  in our previous class I asked you first to make a folder, and then another (folder 1) inside of it for your gallery when you want to upload a site. So we have a few galleries there so we can make a freesite out of them. Fist goes a warning page. Here you say that children under 18 or 21 should fuck off and go see kid shows on TV and others can enter and check out some porn. Here you can also put up reciprocal links to the link site where we'll be submitting out free site. Here is an example of a page like this - http://www.best-porn.biz/llgal/26/ There is no need to post ads on this page, only a warning, reciprocal links and an "enter" link. You can also put an "exit" link here. Many people link "exit" to Google. What the fuck do they do that for? If you want to link "exit" to some place, link it to the http://www.czrealtor.com . I'd also recommend making buttons for "enter" and "exit", because you add descriptions and keywords to these buttons, the longer, the better. And don't forget to make metatags.

Then goes the main page. Attention! Most of the signups come from this page. That's why you should turn your attention to promoting your sponsor.  There should not be a lot of ads, check the link list limits. But your ads should work. Moreover we have two or three gallery links here. But the content amount should not go beyond the rules.On your main page you have to insert descriptions of banners  and gallery links and key words. Give names to your banner pictures to match your niche like - anal.jpg or maidsass.jpg . The tumbnails that link to your galleries can be taken from the galleries. But if you're making new ones, give them explicit names as well :)

If you want to place links back to the main page in your gallery, you'll need a new HTML gallery file specifically for the link list, and there you can add "back to main page" link.

In  GSS-submitter you can also generate HTML files for link lists and submit through them. But after you generate the page index with reciprocal links and upload it all onto your server, double check everything once again. It's very NOT recommended to change anything after submitting.

That means you made a freesite, submitted it and forgot about it. The results won't show right off, but if you did everything right they will show for sure. Once I, for example, made a buch of freesites and galleries for Kinkydollars and forgot about them. At present I'm not promoting this sponsor, just got no time for it. But I have 20 or 30 signups through it. To say nothing of rebills. :)

And one more thing. I recommend submitting all your freesites to this not that popular, but very outstanding catalogue DMOZ . Search engines like Google and Yahoo feed off theis catalogue. I hope you'll figure it out how to submit your site.

- What the fuck is going on in the back? Can't you wait for a recess?! Five more minutes, we're almost done here!

So, any questions about your homework? Make a gallery, submit it to a TGP. Add two more galleries day by day. Then we make a freesite out of the tree galleries and submit it to link lists. An important thing here is that your galleries in the link list should match the niche and should feature the same model. At the same time we're getting partnership accounts, working on our web page design and boast visitors and signups.

That's it for today.


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