So, we finally got the idea of visitor traffic. Now let's talk about the sponsor. First off, go to  In the "login" field write "luzrer" , and in the password field write "luzer". And we got at the administration page of your account. Here we can check out the site statistics, where and when the visitors come from. We'll need all that to analyze our work.

Join pages section is needed for altering your join page at your pay site. For example, SSBill got some problems. So we switch the join page to work with Verotel and we collect our signups with this billing system. And we can do it for each pay site separately.

Trafficback. In this section you can create links to promote your pay site. These links will enable you to get your traffic back whenever a visitor leaves. Let's take the Anal Maids site as an example. Press the "select site" button. Then we write the URL in the field where we'll be getting our traffic back. For example, .Press the "add new" button. As a result we get a link that will look like this . Now we'll be sending traffic through this URL, but it'll go back to the Best Porn Biz when a visitor closes the pay site page.  BUT don't ever use these link to create galleries and freesites. The owners will fucking ban your ass and be right.

In the Links section we have ready links for paysites, and a handy manual how and why make new ones. You'll need all this to analyze your traffic, sales and all that. Work with a dictionary at home to find out what is written there and next time you'll tell me all about it.

Then we have the Account info section. Here we write our postal address, phone member, just follow  the page instructions. Fill out all the fields in the Wire details section and double-check all you wrote al least three times. Because the sponsor will need the information to send your earned money. By the way $25 you get during the registration are just for promotion, sort of a bonus. You'll have to earn an extra $100 in order to get this money. It's not easy if you do everything right. All your payments you can trace in the Payments section. In the Transactions section we can trace signups, rebills, and Lord forbid :) refunds and chargebacks.

And in the final Settings section you can customize your admin page of your account to your taste. I guess that's all about that.

You already know where to get promotional stuff for you pay site. Right here .Here we download banners, descriptions and free content. And we make galleries and freesites out of it.

- Dicklicky, wake up! Mornin', buddy! You motherfucker has missed this class. You haven't? Only last 15 minutes?! Damn joker............. What did you do at night if you're falling asleep? Huh? Hold it right there you don't have to share your night stories in class. Here we have decent people discussing how to sell pornography. We don't need any details of your private life... share that stuff after class.

So, your homework. Go to the administration page and try not to mess it up.


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