- Who the fuck put two pins on the teacher's chair? Butthead? Not you again? Stay after the class we'll sort things out......

Do you have cameras on you today? Good... By the way, Dicklickey, why are you sitting next to Butthead? Go back to your seat and it next to Mary. Who the fuck am I talking to, be quick about it... What i that fucking camera? Oh, fuck me. Where did you find this old piece of shit? I used this kind of camera at the Sunday school back when I was in grade 3. Get rid of that piece of shit right away. We don't need no cameras with films. They are way expensive to develop and people working in the photo lab will freak out looking at the pictures, then you'll have hard time scanning your pictures.

For the first class any digital camera will do. I recommend either Canon or Nikon, they are top of the class. But you can start with Olympus. So you got your cameras ready? Good job! Now put your cameras aside and let's do what we should do before every photo session. The first thing you should do is to sign this Model release. Then you'll also need to obtain a copy of your model' passport, and take a picture of her holding it next to her face. Both documents are even better. It looks like this -


Date of birth and her picture should be clear as well as her name. This data should match the date in the model release.

Now that's all about legal stuff let get down to shooting pictures. I am not going to tell you techniques. There are a load of forums and sites on the topic. Light positions, decorations, special effects. I just want to say one thing. There got to be a story for every set. A naked person is not that interesting. It's interesting what he or she does. :)

Don't shoot at one poin. You have to show the models fucking from different sides and angles. Don't leave out close-ups, they are a must.

So you homework. Try to talk your girl neighbor into posing for a photo session. CDs and model releases bring me next week. Consider it to be you final project.

Hey, Dicklickey, I can't see your hand? don't make this kind of face, I know what you're trying to ask. Yep, you can shoot guys...

That's it for today.


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