- Good morning, students. Today we are going to study something from high school. It's all because any rookie webmaster can't wait to have his own pay site even if it's small or mediocre.Like it's a big accomplishment to own your own pay site. No fucking way. It's a big accomplishment when you get 200 signups a day  :-)))

So, let's get started. First of all, let's figure outr the difference between a paysite and a pornsite. A pornsite is a quick-made site with minimum amount of content in the membership area of the site. And it doesn't matter what kind of content is there, these sites use suspicious billing systems. A pornsite - yhis term use those involved in credit card fraud, so watch out when someone is using this term.

Now let's get back to paysite and it's making process. The first thing we need is content and a pay site. You can either buy content or make your own. But since I'm the only person here who can make contents you'll have to buy it from me :-) But you'll need money for that. Please raise your hands those who are broke. What, Mary, you don't have money ???? Hmm, then you can go home because this class is definitely not for you. Then raise your hands those ho have $ 15000, noone? Dicklickey, why did you raise your hand? You want to go out?  Oh, you've got $15000? Your buddy gave it to you? Hmm..........I'd like to have a buddy like that, wow, wait a minute here, I don't think so ...........

Okay, let's continue. We take Dicklickey's money and buy content with that. That will be photo sets of a particular niche. A pay site should contain some sort of idea, not just pictures of naked people. For example, on my site Girlknights.com  I have only knights, this one Analmaids.com features two guys fucking hotel maids in the ass, and here Tencrazycocks.com ten guys are fucking only one chick for three hours. So your pay site gotta have some idea. If you're ordering content you'll have to tell your content provider all the details and the idea itself to get what you need.

You'll have to come up with the site design once you get your content. But beside beautiful graphic work don't miss out on the following features:

- a join button or a constant access button should donload first and should be different from a members button and a free tour button in design,

- these buttons should be seen without scrolling the page and they should be duplicated as links at least once at every page of the free tour,

- the front page content should match the content of the site in the members area,

- and so on...

It's also recommended to install a script that adds sets automatically at a definite time, announces updates, and does all that stuff you'll have fucking hard time doing manually...

You will also need a script to protect your membership area. You need it so that there are no passwords to your site on all forums. I'd recommend this one Šennywize.com .

If you are going to promote your paysite on your own, you won't need much stuff. If you somebody else to it, you'll have to start a partnership program, and you'll need a scrip for that.

Well, I guess you got it all done? But we forgot one main thing. And the main thing using a billing system. If you live in Europe or America you won't have any problems. If you're located in Russia or Belarus, the western billing system doors are closed for you. But there is a way around. You'll have to incorporate an offshore company in the right contry and have a contract with the billing system. For example, Dicklickey incorporated an offshore company in Delaware and hired nominee directors, so he can use SSbill or some other billing system.

And now let's sum it all up. To get content we'll need $15k and two or three month for site design and $500-1000 for it. Then it's 300-500 for the script, and $1000 for the membership area script, and it's $2500 for incorporating an offshore company which will take a couple of months. Pretty free and fast, huh? :-)

So, is there anyone who still wants to start his own paysite? Dicklickey? What no? Why do you have your hand up? You want to go to the bathroom? You can go, let's have a recess.


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